Bentley Flying Spur For Sale

The Flying Spur

Whether you select the Flying Spur, Flying Spur W12 S, or Flying Spur V8 or, you will be taking the wheel of a thrilling performance car that remains every inch a luxury sedan - one that takes more than 130 hours to build. Which is why you'll be able to appreciate countless thoughtful differences in craftsmanship, engineering, design and technology.

On the street, the Flying Spur projects a contemporary, sporting look with crisp lines and a dynamic roofline that is eye-catching yet always retains the appropriate level of sophistication. Inside, the modern interiors are handcrafted with darker veneer choices for a contemporary look. The cabin is spacious and extremely comfortable, with technology that can keep everyone in the car occupied for the length of any journey. And the large boot means you can easily pack golf clubs and other large luggage - something generally unheard of in cars capable of such exhilarating performance. All of these elements combine seamlessly to create a car that is far, far more than the sum of its many high quality parts. Which is what makes the Flying Spur the finest of luxury sedans.

Benefits Of Leasing & Purchasing With Braman Bentley Palm Beach

  • Complimentary shipping to your door throughout the United States. A Braman certified Client Adviser will be flown to your designated city and assure quality delivery of your Bentley.
  • Flat bed pick-up and delivery for any service needs
  • Loaner services
  • Exclusive Bentley VIP events & access to Club Braman
  • Complimentary hand car wash

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